How My Dry Cleaner Unintentionally Taught Me A Lesson About Procrastination

January 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Every day I considered the bag of dirty clothes in a corner of my bedroom. It contained my favourite pants, jackets and tops that I had been planning to bring to the dry cleaners.

They were fall clothes and too light for Toronto winters. I wanted to wear them one final time before the weather turned cold and winter settled in.

Every day I would leave my condo without the laundry bag and walk by the Lucky Charm Dry Cleaners on the way to the subway station. It could wait, I thought. 

One day the cleaning lady said, “Do you want me to do something with this?” So I wrote Dry cleaning on my to do list.

A week went by and the laundry bag was still in my bedroom, so I put the bag by the front door. No way would I forget it now.

In the morning, my mind would be on something else. I just couldn’t be bothered. It doesn’t matter, is how I justified it, I have lots of other clothes I can wear.

My friend Sarah asked me, “Is that your laundry by the door? Wasn’t it there last week also?”

I resorted to sticking a reminder note on my bathroom mirror and setting an alert in my phone for the morning, but I ignored them.

Eventually another week went by and the bag was still there, right next to the door. Big, obvious, yellow, daunting.

One night I moved it so that it blocked the front door. Now there was no way out of it. I would have to pick it up in the morning. But he next morning I shoved it aside with my foot as walked out the door. Whatever, I thought.

A week later there was snow on the ground and it was -10 degrees Celcius. The irritation of not getting it done finally outweighed the annoyance of having to do it, and I walked the bag over to the dry cleaners. Thank god that’s done! 

A few days later I was walking by Lucky Charm and thought, “Yay! I can pick up my stuff and my dry cleaning ordeal will be over for now.”

The door was locked even though it was only 5:30pm, and according to the sign on the door an eviction process was underway for arrears. Mr. and Mrs. Sun had not been paying their rent.

Every day for months after I could I would walk by the store and see my pants, jackets and tops hanging on a rack looking neat and ironed and warm.

Eventually the snow melted and the days grew longer and the bears stopped hibernating. A new sign appeared on the door. It was more of a note really and was written by hand by what seemed to be a child or an adult writing with their wrong hand in very big and awkward letters. It said, “All clothing MUST go! Clothing prices starting at $5 to $10. Sale starts this Saturday at 10 a.m.”

So at the appointed time and day, I stood outside the store door along with a few other people to collect my things. But before the store was opened for the sale of the century, I could see that my clothes were not there anymore.

I thought about how that spring day would have been perfect to wear my clothes, because it was a cool and sunny day and my clothes were designed for cool spring days. And they were my clothes.


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