Does This Make Me A Lesbian?

January 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

I have this painting hanging on a wall. I did it myself back when I thought I might one day be able to.


My friend asked my when she first saw it, “Why do you have a vagina hanging on your wall?” 

I took it down and then I put it back up a year later. Because why shouldn’t I have one hanging on my wall?

I also have a clothing catalogue with peas in a pod, opened suggestively. (Really Garnet Hill? Why would you?)

I have two sculptures of naked women. More explicit than suggestive.

In a womanly way.

So, back to this thing hanging on my wall. If you rotate the painting it looks like a gapping mouth or a surprised eye.


So enjoy. Because it’s rare when more than one part of your body is smiling.


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