My name is Mary, only it’s not, but Mary is the name I use for my alter ego, MaryC or Mary Contrary.

I am in my thirties. I live in Toronto. My day job is with the Government of Ontario. ‘Nuff said.

I recently married, but would have been just as happy without the papers that make it official for me to have sex with my partner. It’s a long distance relationship for the moment, so fingers crossed.

In my off time, I dabble in oil and encaustic painting.

I started writing a novel last year but abandoned that once I realized how hard it is to do. Maybe I’ll pick it up again later.

I’ve written some poetry also, because it’s shorter and simpler than anything else and because I was young and that’s what you do when you are young.

This blog is where I hope to exercise my writing. Some of it is true, some is stretching the truth. The rest is outright fabrication. Like a journal except without the element of reality.

I intend to post at least once a week, but sometimes it will be more, on no particular day.

I welcome any feedback you may have, positive or negative. I am in need of some truth telling, so please feel free to be honest.


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